EXCLUSIVE: A bittersweet farewell to NYC - chronicling a historical decade of demoralization in my longest, spiciest, and most heartfelt post yet
Mr. Bezmenov goes to Washington and finds both inspiration and demoralization, plus prayers for Nashville and Scotland
How To Enter The Demoralization Zone (Podcast + Exhibits)Listen now (29 min) | Unveiling the new name of Yuri's podcast with extra spicy commentary on The White Lotus, a rooftop routing bobas on a viral VICE…
I visited the cringiest comment section on Substack so you don't have to, NYC's new logo and brand, plus the winner of the Weimar Price is Right contest
Symbolic demoralization stories from my last month in NYC and a Price is Right contest - the commenter who guesses what 5 Walgreens items cost wins a…
The first annual DIEvy League Demoralization March Madness tournament: Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, UPenn, and Duke boost their seedings in the Yuri…
Yuri's spicy commentary on the implosion of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), as told through cringe LinkedIn flexes, Twitter shitposts, and memes
I never got COVID and haven't gotten sick in a decade - here are my best practices
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