May 25 • 36M

How To Achieve Personal Sovereignty (40 min podcast)

A podcast interview with Mike Kimelman of Sovereign Sunday about what sovereignty means to him following his unjust incarceration, plus Yuri's reflections

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Yuri Bezmenov
Mike Kimelman
The DMZ is a safe space where I mock subversion in our modern society and strategize about countering the cultural revolution. Laughter and sarcasm guaranteed!
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Comrades: I am excited to host my friend Mike Kimelman on The Demoralization Zone.

Mike is a father, patriot, investor, coach, and sensemaker. In this podcast, we discuss his unique journey from Wall Street to prison to spiritual redemption. He is the only man I know who has been incarcerated and had the fortitude to emerge stronger. More details can be found in his books Confessions of a Wall Street Insider and Mastering the Basics of Bitcoin & Crypto. He also runs a private coaching group called Alpha360 Foundations and publishes a Substack called Sovereign Sunday:

Sovereign Sunday
Bull Durham
Well again, another slow week. Nothing much happening on the news front. Just confirmation of a coup against a sitting President and the complete weaponization of the U.S. Security State against one half of the nation. Real sleepy stuff. On the bright side, I’m starting to notice some very smart people coming around to our perspective. There’s nothing o…
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My post on personal sovereignty after an infamous day last year:

Mike and I reference the insider trading case of disgraced former McKinsey CEO Rajat Gupta, who fed confidential board meeting materials to his Wharton classmate and hedge fund buddy Raj Rajaratnam:

In case you missed it, here’s my Ask Me Anything podcast from last week:

As the Yuri audience grows, so does my risk of getting doxxed. That is why I have kept podcasts with my voice and the more personal, revealing content behind paywalls. Almost every anon has been outed when they have reached scale and triggered enough people. I have made peace with the potential of having my identity revealed. If and when it happens, I hope it will have Streisand effect so that more people know the name Yuri Bezmenov and what he warned us about. I also take comfort that lions like you would help me fight off the hyenas:

Other links for Mike:

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