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How To Publish the New Right Poast

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How To Publish the New Right Poast

PODCAST with Dudley Newright, media mogul behind the New Right Poast (38 min)

Comrades: The New Right Poast is all the shit that’s fit to poast.

#54. Dude, weed. - by Dudley Newright - New Right Poast

Dudley Newright does yeoman’s work compiling the dissident right’s bangers. He publishes the must-read New Right Poast twice a week. Not only does he curate the zeitgeist highlights across multiple platforms, but he also adds generous helpings of his own spicy humor.

In our conversation, we banter about:

  • How Dudley noticed the subversion around us and decided to launch the New Right Poast

  • The method behind the madness of putting together each edition

  • Talent inversion where untalented ugly basement dwellers run the media, while anons are all smart, good-looking, family-oriented who should be leading institutions

  • The Guardian’s doxxing Lomez and smearing Passage Press as a case study on the importance of countermeasures and patronage networks

  • Elder millennials’ unique position as the last humans to grow up without ubiquitous smartphones and internet

  • Roast of Tom Brady signaling the return of locker room talk humor and end of wokeness

  • The long-term vision of the New Right Poast

New Right Poast
Letter from the Editor
Hello readers. Lotta stuff going on in the world, huh? Maybe you take a breather from the apocalypse? We are suspending our publication schedule this week to commemorate 100 issues and a full year of publishing the NRP. Who? I am the EIC, your poastmaster general, Dudley Newright. I’ll remain pseudonymous as long as possible, though I’ve made my peace wit…
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New Right Poast
#152. All children are valuable
🧵Threads of the Week🧵 > Last week we shared a link from Dave Greene talking about how he’d been lied to about the aims of the Gay Agenda his whole life, and how all the same talking points used by the Gay Agenda in the 90s are now being used to justify gay surrogacy, aka, …
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Our extremely domestic mutual friend

provides the best spicy take on how The Guardian’s doxxing of Lomez and smearing Passage Press went down:

Peachy Keenan's Extremely Domestic
The Lomez Dox
In late 2019, shortly after I began writing and tweeting as Peachy Keenan, I was invited to a secret group chat with some smart, interesting people, none of whom I had met in real life. The guy who started the chat was an excellent people curator, and one day he invited a smart, interesting poaster who wrote under the alt …
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Antifa goon at the Guardian doxxes anonymous right-wing publisher, turns out he is a normal person with a great life

Tom Brady roast:

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