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How To Make a Struggle Session Parody (Part 2) - The NPR Newsroom (3 min)

BREAKING: Exclusive footage of NPR's Red Guard denouncing and suspending Uri Berliner for practicing journalism

Comrades: Let’s take a live look at the NPR newsroom as it unpersons Uri Berliner. Many of the subtitles are verbatim from NPR statements. Full script and NPR CEO profile below.



***Another round of applause for my fellow Soviet anon collaborator, Dead Lenin. He is a wizard at film editing and subverting subversion. Check out his work at and on Instagram @deadleninstaydead.

Respect to

for his bravery and The Free Press, , and for dominating the narrative this week. Let’s see if this becomes a case study for subverting the subversion of a fallen American institution.

Full reimagined script juxtaposed with the original :


Rebellion is just! Revolution is righteous!
Democracy dies in the darkness! Mask up, save lives! Trump is Putin’s puppet! Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian propaganda! Queers for Hamas! Everything is racist! RESIST!


Ye Zhetai. Aren't you a professor of physics?
Uri Berliner. Aren’t you an editor at NPR?

You should know. You were my student.
You should know. I have worked here for 25 years.

Behave yourself!

Ye Zhetai. In your physics course, did you teach the theory of relativity?
Uri Berliner. In your Free Press article, did you criticize NPR?

Relativity is one of the fundamental theories of physics. How can a basic survey course not teach it?
An open-minded spirit no longer exists within NPR. It has 87 registered Democrats in editorial positions and zero Republicans.

You lie! Einstein went to the American Imperialists and helped them build the atomic bomb!
You lie! NPR is independent, beholden to no party, and without commercial interests!

Bring up his wife. She is a genuine physicist. She knows the truth!
Bring up NPR CEO Katherine Maher (she/her). She is a genuine journalist. Trust the experts!

Latine or Latinx…

Ye Zhetai! With the help of the revolutionary youth, it has become clear to me. I want to stand on the side of the people!
Uri Berliner. As someone with cis white mobility privilege, it has become clear to me. I serve all of the American public!

Bow your head, Ye Zhetai. Bow your head. Bow!
Yas Kween! Bow to the girlboss. Punch Nazis!

Ye Zhetai. You cannot deny you lectured on the counterrevolutionary Big Bang theory.
Uri Berliner. You cannot deny you questioned our coverage of COVID, Russia collusion, and Hunter Biden’s laptop.

It is the most plausible explanation for the origin of the universe.
NPR lost trust because its narratives were proven to be fake news.

Lies! The theory claims to know when time began.
Lies! Diversity is the North Star of NPR.

Time began? What came before time?
Diversity? What about diversity of perspectives?

It leaves open a place to be filled by God.
Anyone who disagrees with us is a fascist conspiracy theorist!

Are you suggesting God exists?
Are you suggesting that we shouldn’t be telling readers what to think?

Science has given no evidence either way.
Journalists should present facts and truth without bias and agenda.

Down with Ye Zhetai! Down with academic authorities!
Down with Uri Berliner! Down with The Free Press and Chris Rufo!

Rebellion is just! Revolution is righteous!
Democracy dies in the darkness! Lock down, save lives! Trump is Putin’s puppet! Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian propaganda! Queers for Palestine! Everything is racist! RESIST!

My profile of NPR Cringe Commissar CEO Katherine Maher from January:

Does the sequel top the original?

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